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Stargate 22 Prompt Challenge Site

For Atlantis and SG-1 Fans Alike

Stargate Atlantis 22 Prompts Slash Fiction
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Sooo... here's the deal. Every month I'm going to post 22 different prompts for writers to use in order to write slash stories. The only rule is that, each story must have at least one of the prompts and can use all 22 if you want to do so. Also, the stories must be slash, no het or get stories in this grouping. The stories can be strictly Atlantis based stories or they can be crossover stories with SG-1, First Monday, Farscape, or any other show that our boys or girls have been seen in previously.

Around the middle of each month, I will post the prompts for that month and you will have 29 days to post stories before the entries for that month are closed. I will then archive the stories and ask for votes on the best ones. Then we'll award those writers whose stories were voted the best. More rules on voting later on.